Image and text by Gabrielle.

Today is day 3 of clearing out the storage unit, and I am committed to finishing up before sundown. I’m so excited about how much we’ve narrowed down our belongings. We’ve taken 6 carloads to Good Will so far. And one load to the dump. It feels good to purge!

Our storage unit is big — I think it’s a 10×30. But the moving truck we rented is small — a 16-footer. Which means we’ve really had to narrow down what we’re bringing with us. Obviously, if we could have predicted the future, and knew that our original plan of 1 year in France then a return to Colorado, would turn into 2 1/2 years in France and a move to Oakland, we would have made different storage decisions. : ) But no regrets! Clearing out and moving on.

Tell me, friends, have you ever rented a storage unit? Were you surprised by the contents when you visited once again? (We sure were!)

Note for my Dear Colorado Readers: We have some furniture that needs a loving home. Bargain prices, I promise! We’ll be at the storage unit today (Wednesday from noon to 5:30). Feel free to come say hello! Find details of what’s available, plus the address, on this Facebook post.

P.S. — That gorgeous Dodge truck, pictured above, is parked right in front of our storage unit. Every time I take a break I daydream of what I might do with a beauty like that. Guest room? Food truck? Movable boutique? What would you do with it?