The Period Store

By Gabrielle.

In February, I wrote about Le Parcel, a service that discreetly mails you a monthly package with everything you need for your period. Well, a related service launched about the same time. It’s called The Period Store. And instead of going for subtle, discreet and behind-the-scenes, they have a different approach. They are encouraging women to talk about their periods openly, and without embarrassment. One of the founders wrote to me saying, “We believe we are in a new age of feminism and that it is time for periods to be a more included part of our womanhood as much as our hair, skincare and cosmetic regimes currently are.”

To demonstrate their openness they make videos about women talking about their periods, they have a blog called The Periodical that covers a wide range of period topics — some funny, some more serious — and includes stories from real women, and they host events, like this Menstruation Celebration, throughout the year. Maybe my favorite thing: they brand their products with patterns made from silhouettes of tampons and maxi-pads. Hah!

I definitely grew up in the not-talking-about-it-camp. I remember blushing furiously if a tampon commercial came on the TV when I was watching a show with my brothers, or really, even my sisters! So I’m certainly someone who could learn to be more comfortable about my period. In fact, I was sort of amazed when I watched the video at how open the featured women were.

The Period Store

What’s your take on this idea? Are you already comfortable talking about your period freely? Or do you feel this is a subject you’d rather keep behind the scenes? Do you dread your period? If yes, would a site like The Period Store help you think about and experience your period differently? And can you imagine getting to a place where periods are talked about as openly as hair care or makeup?

P.S. — Yes, you can also subscribe to The Period Store’s monthly package. They offer brands like Kotex and Always as well as sea sponges, menstrual cups and international products from around the world — plus goodies like hand-crafted sweets, packets of tea, and a 5×7 art print.