Yayoi Kusama re-created a typical Australian home in Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art, painting the entire collection of rooms, furnishings, and all ornamentation pure white, which was enough of a startling statement.

But then she invited children to apply stickers in the shape of dots to, in the artist’s words, obliterate the blank canvas. In two weeks time, the space was an explosion of color. What an impact!

This inspires so many reactions, doesn’t it? From being reminded once again that even the most basic shapes and ideas can turn into stunning works of art, to the more thoughtful connection between how our very presence colors the world around us. And then there’s the mom response, which is more of a resigned sigh that this process occurs naturally a few hours after we’ve cleaned the house! What do you think the artist was trying to convey?

Be sure to tell me if this inspires you to obliterate any white space in your own home or craft room, will you? Big thanks to Colossal for the introduction to this dot-loving artist!