Oakland House

By Gabrielle. This post is brought to you by Fab.com — The World’s Design Store.

Friends. See that photo above? Red house with lots of greenery? That’s our house in Oakland!!

I’m so excited about it I can hardly stand it. It’s surrounded by trees, and it’s lined with decks. And I can’t wait to share more photos and tell you all the details. Today, I’ll start with the day-dreaming part.

This house is such a different style than any other house we’ve lived in. So different that I’ve been having the loveliest time browsing for furniture and home accessories at Fab, and imagining the ideal interiors for this treehouse of a home.

Do you know Fab? It’s an online design destination where you can find thousands of beautiful, fun, modern items for your home — and they focus on items that are really well designed. If you’re looking for a bargain, you can even filter your search by price. Feel free to sign up for an account (at no charge), if you’d like to browse their selection.

In reality, I’m sure we’ll be using our furniture from Colorado (it’s been in a storage unit while we’ve been in France), but it doesn’t hurt to day dream! : )

As I picture what styles might work best in this house, here are some of the pieces that have caught my eye:

Fab.com home picks

1) Cognac Leather Lounge Chairs. Don’t these look so luxurious? That leather looks as buttery as it gets. How do you feel about armless lounge chairs?

2) Black Table. Click through and check out the other images — I sent kind of crazy for it when I saw it shown in a room.

3) Yellow Birdcage Lamp. I’m always drawn to anything with an industrial feel. This lamp feels both modern and industrial. And I love the colors.

4) Clear Tumblers. These are made by the French company, Duralex, and are super sturdy. We use Duralex glasses here in France in the Picardie style. It would be fun to have these sleek versions in our Oakland house.

5) Wire Drum Side Table. I love the look of this table. It doesn’t take up too much visual weight and looks like it would be useful in pretty much any room in the house.

6) Pomegranate Dish Towel. Cute! Cute! Cute!

7) Gray and Wood Dining Chair. These are so simple looking, but so sophisticated. I think they would be gorgeous around a dinner table.

8) GTA City Prints. Ben Blair and I discuss at great length what sorts of artwork we should hang on the walls of our home. I think it would be fun to include maps of the places we’ve lived as a family.

Fab.com home picks


1) Colorful Clear Containers. I would keep these in the office. I think they’re beautiful.

2) Wooden Work Desk. I’ve been working from the sofa for the last year or so, but I’m craving a desk again. This style seems like it would be right at home in the Oakland house.

3) Gray Sofa. I really like the dimensions of this sofa. Not too wide. It looks like it could work in a bedroom or the living room.

4) Blue Gray Patchwork Quilt. I’m really feeling the triangles. Maybe for our bed. Or maybe for Maude or Ralph.

5) Trellis Lamps. This lamp actually comes as a set of two, and is available in lots of colors. I can’t decide if I like the red or yellow best.

6) Gray Chair. A handsome side chair in a fresh pattern. Two of these sitting next to each other would be lovely.

7) Anouk Jansen My Mugs. Oh my! The shapes and colors of these mugs and pitchers are really speaking to me. Perhaps these should be the inspiration for the rest of the design choices.

What do you think? Are any of these picks calling your name? What kind of style do you think of when you picture our Oakland house? I’d love to hear!