I'm Thankful For... Card Set. Hand printed. By Ranuncs & Co.

By Amy Hackworth.

My quest for self-improvement typically focuses on attributes I don’t have.

If only I were more punctual. If only I were more disciplined. If only I were more aware, more generous, had more perspective, more patience … The list goes on. And on.

I suspect I’m not alone in this approach, but a recent post by Sean Low has me thinking about trying something different. He suggests that focusing on problems in creative businesses can be completely counter-productive, and may even “misdirect strategy”, causing companies to lose sight of what they’re really good at doing. He doesn’t advocate ignoring shortcomings, but rather than agonizing over failures, he advises creative businesses to focus on what they’re doing right. And then, work to make those natural successes even more brilliant.

I like this approach to business, but I’m loving it as a new model for personal development. I love the implications of honoring our inherently good qualities, and honing them so that they become our greatest attributes. It’s a beautiful logic: you’re innately good at something, so you can probably shine even more.

I'm Thankful For... Cards. Hand printed. By Ranuncs & Co.

This week especially, we’re resolved to focus on our blessings and live with more-grateful hearts. Would it change your week to include your own good qualities on the list of things you’re thankful for? And what if you gave a little more of that gift you’re already so good at giving?

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