By Gabrielle.

Hands down, the nape of the neck is my favorite. The one that belongs to a fresh new baby after a bath, smelling wonderfully powdery and kissable. The one that swirls up into the tiniest pigtails during ballet class. The one that peeks out between painfully hopeful middle school topknots. The one that grows up and begs for a haircut every holiday season so it can make a grand entrance on Christmas Eve. “It’s me again! And don’t I still look and smell wonderful…not to mention kissable?”

The holidays tempt me toward that nape. Always.

Even though I attempt to pull my hair up into the tiniest of buns while I work from the sofa, and pretend it looks amazing, it’s officially (sigh) not long enough. And while it’s too late to grow my hair for Christmas and New Years, it’s never too late to cut it! : )

Are you the same way about napes? Are you the same way about napes during the holidays? Will you be getting a hair cut or trying any updos this month? Please do share links if you have a favorite tutorial.

Maybe I just need a jade hairpin!