On Friday I loaded up the kids and we went on a hunt for the Little Red Light House.

A dear friend, Rebecca, gave us the book (about an actual lighthouse here in New York that was dwarfed as the George Washington Bridge was built) not long after we moved here. We love the book and have always wanted to visit the lighthouse — we even attempted to find it once a couple of years ago — but our attempt was rained out. Hooray that Friday was our lucky day.

I swear, it was like the cosmic forces all combined to help us have the perfect outing. The weather was fantastic — with a nice breeze coming off the water. It’s a bit of hike, but there was plenty of shade and the kids were great sports and helped push the stoller. We packed a simple picnic and ate lunch at the lighthouse. We had the park absolutely to ourselves. Climbed around on the rocks. Dipped our toes in the Hudson River. Admired the cliffs across the water in New Jersey. Threw pebbles into the river.

My favorite part: on the hike back we discovered the path was lined with wild raspberries. They were yummy. And I kept laughing as we ate them because they were such an unexpected surprise.

lighthouse photo (and directions on how to get there) from my friend, Kathryn.