Oscar lost a tooth this week and our friends and neighbors have been asking him if La Petite Souris (which means little mouse) left him a gift. We hadn’t heard of La Petite Souris till now, but it’s the French version of The Toothfairy. So sweet! Except. I then remembered my friend Megan’s paralyzing fear of mice and thought The Toothfairy is equally sweet. : )


Now I’m dying of curiosity. Does every country have it’s own traditions for losing baby teeth? Have you come across a particularly charming one? I’d love to hear!

P.S. — As for which one we prefer? Well it hardly matters, because at our house, both The Toothfairy and La Petite Souris are very forgetful and take lots of reminding in order to get their jobs done.

Illustration by Delphine Doreau.