By Koseli.

Despite being surrounded by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, I see lifelines of hope. Emergency responders. Selfless volunteers. Loving professionals. Churches, neighborhoods, and communities banding together physically and emotionally to take care of the needy Sandy left behind. There is hope.

Originally built in Ohio in 1922, The Jane Carousel was restored and placed under The Brooklyn Bridge in 2011. It’s on an outcropping just before the East River meets the Hudson in DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass), a thriving Brooklyn neighborhood that sustained extensive flooding and damage during Sandy. (Many know this area for The Brooklyn Bridge Park, Grimaldi’s, and The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.)

But, the merry-go-round survived. It survived! The floors warped but the horses are fine and the carousel is expected to be in working condition in a few months. It’s become a symbol of resilience and hope in the face of fear, loss, and devastation. Some have called it The Little Carousel That Could and I echo this nickname, with tears in my eyes, a little hope in my heart that there will be comfort for the many who have lost so much this last week. Our hearts are full as we do our best to help each other in this difficult time.

P.S. — There is serious power in communities uniting together in a time of crisis. I’d love to know of a time you’ve experienced love and togetherness in yours.