By Gabrielle. Map by David Imus.

Just checking in with a fairly random post this morning. Work has taken me away from my desk so much this week! On location photo shoots, meetings in the city, stuff like that. But I wanted to squeeze in a quick hello.

Salon wrote about this map. It was made by one person  — David Imus of Oregon. And it won Best of Show in America’s most prestigious map making competition.

I was fascinated by this article. First, because I had no idea there were prestigious map-making competitions. Second, because I love the fact that the top award is typically won by big companies, but this time it went to a solo map maker. And third, because when I read why the Imus map was so good, I was stunned by the careful thinking and design considerations. It’s more useful, more readable, and better looking too! Yet another reminder that design matters.

Did you see the article? You can read it here. I know so many of us love maps, so I thought this article might resonate with you as well.

And that’s it! I’ll be back later today with an awesome giveaway with Minted. (It’s a big one! Definitely check back.) Till then, I’d love to hear if you’ve seen any good design lately that struck you like this map struck me. UPDATE: Oh darn! I’m still not ready on the Minted giveaway. I’m thinking Monday, now.

P.S. — I’m still gobbling up your fantastic comments on the Homework post. I’m dying to find a few minutes to respond! Keep them coming.