By Gabrielle. Kiss Kiss by Stephanie Sterjovski.

I just heard the funniest story about growing up! My friend’s teen daughter — after almost a full year of crushing on a boy, hanging out together in groups on the weekends, and non-stop talking about dating as soon as their parents allowed it — finally experienced her first kiss.

My friend thought she had prepared her daughter for everything. How to always trust her gut. Avoid anything and everything that makes her feel worried or rotten. Be nice. Be forgiving. Be confident in her choices. And most importantly, if she can’t tell her mom about it — whatever it may be — she’s not ready for it.

The girl came home from a skateboarding date with her gaggle of friends, and pulled her mom aside. “He kissed me,” she said.

My friend said relief flooded her entire body. It worked. It worked! She could tell her mom about it!

As parents, we spend years instilling values and virtues and every idea we’ve got that could possibly make our kids better people. (Or at least people who get through life with a minimum of poor choices and without offending everyone they meet!) It’s tiresome. Exhausting. Excruciating some days. But the one afternoon when it all comes together is pure joy.

Here’s the funny part. The sweet girl, after replaying the entire event for her mom, made a little embarrassed face and said, “It was nice. But, Mom… he tried to lick my teeth.”

There’s always one detail we miss, isn’t there? What do you say, Friends? Want to spend the day reminiscing about your first kiss? I say yes!

P.S. — Mine was after a football game when I was a sophomore in high school. But I won’t name names. : )