By Raleigh-Elizabeth.

Do you have anything on your life to-do list you simply don’t know how to accomplish? And even if you did know…you would almost never in a million years dare?

Saya Hillman’s list included learning a dance and performing it in front of a real audience in a theater. Deciding she should enlist her friends in the project, she emailed 50 people and suggested her idea. “Here’s the gist,” she wrote. “A group of fun people, many of whom don’t know each other, with no dance skills, will work with a choreographer over a few months to learn dance routines to popular songs, culminating in a performance for friends at a theater.” That Spring, 17 non-dancers spent three months rehearsing and performed in front of a group of 350 at a Chicago theater.

Thus was born the Fear Experiment. Now open to the public, the Fear Experiment is in its fourth season and activities include stepping, dance, improv, and a cappella. People show up, sweat, encourage each other, and continually shock themselves out of their comfort zones. It sounds terrifying and life-changing all at once.

If you could gather a group of friends to check something so outrageously out-there off your bucket list, what would it be? I’m up for anything as long as the costumes are pretty!