By Gabrielle. Necklace by Pampermousse.

Did anyone else wake up to something like this? Hey Mom! Good morning. Last full day of being alive! Everything ends tomorrow. (All said in a very happy, upbeat voice.)

My kids are pretty fascinated with the Mayan-calendar-end-of-the-world predictions. They don’t seem to be scared, just curious. They can see that their parents don’t believe a word of it, so they mostly treat the idea like a joke. But you can see a tiny What If hiding in there somewhere.

I keep thinking back to Y2K and how I felt that night as the clock changed. A few months before, I had been very nervous about it, but that night I remember feeling pretty stress-free, having concluded that minds much smarter than mine had taken care of the situation. I know that’s not always the safest assumption to make, but it sure settled me down at the time.

Were you nervous then? Are you scared to wake up tomorrow? Are your kids talking about it too?