I hope I’m the first one to wish you a happy La Diada de Sant Jordi! Or maybe better for you, the second!

If you’re in Barcelona today, you’re probably celebrating this sweet holiday inspired by Saint George,  patron saint of Catalonia and lover of all things romantic. As the tradition has gone since medieval times, lovers exchange gifts every April 23rd: men give flowers, while women give books. By the end of the day, over four million roses and 400,000 books will be purchased. Amazing!

I just heard about this celebration and I think it’s fantastic. I want to join in, don’t you? I’d love to give Ben Blair a gorgeous edition of Don Quixote and make these paper roses — crafted from a Spanish children’s book, of course — for our kids. It would be nice to treat this Monday with a little more amor than usual!

P.S. — Do be sure to tell me if you celebrate La Diada de Sant Jordi or any other alternative Valentine’s Day! I’d love to hear your traditions!