do you keep a cookie jar on your counter?

By Raleigh-Elizabeth. Image from the Russian Discover Wedding.

When I was little (and, okay, still) the answer to that famous question — who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? — was always me. I did it. I stole the cookies from the cookie jar. Sometimes I stole all the cookies. Sometimes I stole all but one. Sometimes, like today, I wonder if cookies are the answer to all of life problems, because there is little that can’t be made better if it includes a nice cookie. Call it a biscuit, a wafer, a Girl Scout perfection, a piece of melty chocolate that makes you grin just thinking about it… but cookies in a cookie jar are a wonderful thing.

For some reason, now that I’m a grown-up with my own home, I don’t keep a cookie jar on the counter. Do you? I’m not sure if its absence is because I made some conscious decision about bugs one day after a particularly disturbing visitation by representatives of the local wildlife, or if the counter space just got eaten up by appliances, or if I just sort of forgot, but either way, I realize I need to bring it back. What is childhood without a cookie jar for sneaking?

My step-mom always used to keep an old ceramic cookie jar hidden in the far reaches of the kitchen counter filled to the brim with fruit newtons. I remember racing into the kitchen as soon as someone stepped out of the room to crane my arm in and fish around for a good flavor (which, at that point, was never fig). The cookie jar was the first thing I inspected when I got home from school and the last thing I paid attention to on my way off to bed. The cookie jar was my first introduction to independence in the kitchen, however monitored it was.  The cookie jar was a magical thing.

I think maybe half the reason we aren’t in possession of a cookie jar is that they’re sadly hard to come by these days. In our health conscious culture, cookie jars seem to be a thing of everyone’s past. I think it’s time to bring them back.

Super cute cookie jars for your kitchen!

These jars would be so cute on a kitchen counter. Clockwise from top left: fabulous little Kremlin cookie jars, a vintage Little Red Riding Hood jar that is reminiscent of Hummel figurines, the classic black and white checkerboard from Mackenzie Childs, and a little owl from Anthro.

Tell me: Do you keep a cookie jar on your counter? Did you have one growing up?