Curious about Mormons? I get questions from readers about my church all the time, and I’m always game for a discussion (try this post about Mormons + Blogging, for a start). But if you’re looking for something more in-depth and personal, I highly recommend this new memoir by Joanna Brooks, called The Book of Mormon Girl.

In the book, Joanna tells her story of growing up in a devout Mormon family in Southern California where she felt like a “rootbeer among the Cokes”, and her struggles with the religion as she reached adulthood. She will have you laughing and break your heart at the same time. It’s a wonderful window into what it’s like to grow up in a Mormon family, and remain a thoughtfully questioning member as an adult.

Super fun: Joanna is a star! She was a guest on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show last Thursday. She was charming as can be. Here’s the link to her full interview in 2 parts.

You can also find Joanna Brooks at her blog, Ask Mormon Girl. She answers tough questions from Mormons and Not-Mormons alike. She’s not an official representative of the church, and not every member agrees with what she has to say. But as someone who grapples with my religion — as most religious people do from time to time — I definitely relate to the way she thinks.

Were you raised with a specific religion? Do you embrace it as an adult? Or maybe you’ve adopted a new one?