We did not do anything special this weekend, but I was telling Ben Blair that it felt like the best weekend ever. And then I figured out it was because my energy was up — from like 15% to 60% — which feels amazing. We did laundry! We did the grocery shopping! We put away Halloween! We went to Target! We went on a date! We were on time to church!

Isn’t that a wonderful thing? To feel better after feeling crummy for so long? I hope your weekend was equally lovely.

PS — Did you see this cute picture that Liz took of my pregnant sister, Jordan? It reminded me that I need to think of a way to document this pregnancy. I’ve never taken preggie photos before, but I want some this time around. Because I’m pretty sure it’s my last.

PPS — Don’t miss Stephmodo’s adorable new family photos (including the one pictured above).

PPPS — In the next post, I have to show you the wonderful thing we bought at Target.

PPPPS — Did you guys love Ask-Design-Mom-Week as much as I did? So many great questions! (Some of Friday’s posts were just published today.) I always mean to make it a weekly feature, but I generally forget. I’ll try to make it happen this time…