Some of my favorite stories begin with the words “What if we…” I like to think that’s exactly how Wakako and her family set out on their adventure from their home in Los Angeles all the way to Japan.

I’ve written about Baum-Kuchen glowingly before, but their latest travel stories have me hooked. Right this minute, they are on Yakushima island having zen-inspired blocks made from 1000-year-old wood! Along the way, they create funny mini-movies starring two wooden figures and their car. Checking into their blog, I find myself both galvanized and reassured. Out-of-the-ordinary experiences are worth it.

Just look how much fun Taro and Hanako are having!

Doesn’t Spring make you want to hop in your car and drive as far as your tank will take you? Where would you go for the day? Where would you head for the week? Let’s wanderlust together!