Our big news today: we have hot water again!! In the kitchen. In the bathroom. Even the laundry room! It feels like the best news ever.

Our area (and the entire continent of Europe) is just coming out of a record-breaking cold spell. We have been waking up to a new set of frozen pipes every day for the last week or so. Even the gas that’s connected to the stove froze! On Saturday, we were down to cold water in the kitchen, cold water in one bathroom sink, and two toilets. (Hooray for those toilets!)

Thankfully, a plumber was checking in all week, thawing what he could, and checking for potentially burst pipes. This morning, he worked on the pipes for a few more hours and told us we’d have hot water sometime today. And he was right!

The last few days, it’s felt a bit like camping in our own house. We’ve warmed water with the electric teakettle for hand washing, dishes and sponge baths, and adjusted recipes for the oven instead of the stove. Mostly, it’s felt like an adventure, but when it started to feel discouraging, we decided to treat ourselves to some pastries to make up for it. I chose the pretty apple tartlette above. There is very little that a French bakery won’t solve. : )

Tell me, Friends. Have you ever had a crazy frozen spell like that?