By Koseli. Image discovered here via Natalie Jean’s Pinterest board, Inspiring Me. It’s always good to get you pumped-up for a project.

Ira Glass needs no introduction — there’s no way I could recap every gem or pearl of wisdom or insight of his. This post is more of a reminder to everyone out there who’s made something, making something, or wants to make something and is struggling with the frustration of “it” just not feeling good enough. Or, if you’re struggling to even start that “thing” this video may push you over the edge to push publish, or pull out your sewing machine, or log out of Facebook and just start making stuff.

Are you working on a big project? Turning over a new leaf in your career? Jumping back into an old hobby? Let’s commiserate and cheer each other on. It’s hard work to be brave. I am working on a “thing” and honestly, it’s been super hard. One second I feel great! excited! confident! and a split second later I want five scoops of Rocky Road ice cream and a permanent spot in the corner of the couch. But I know it’s all a learning process and every day I get a little braver.