tutorial for the perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year and the whole family is looking forward to it like crazy. We’ve been making lists and plans, thinking up activities for the kids table, trying new furniture arrangements, making an inventory of dishes, glasses and silverware to make sure we have what we need, and wondering if we should add crab to the menu like last year.

Speaking of last year, I keep thinking back to how I was just trying to get a handle on my mental health about now, and comparing it to this year. What a world of difference! Last year I was in survival mode, and this year I’m making probably-too-ambitious plans for the centerpiece. Of course, it feels wonderful to be in a healthy productive place.

I know Thanksgiving is all about the food, but as I’ve already implied several times in this post, I’m more excited about the pretty stuff. I’m thinking about the entry and how I want the house to feel as guests arrive — the music, the smells, the lighting, the decorations. And I’m figuring out the kids table. Will it be warm enough to use the outdoor balcony table? Or should I make room inside? The main dining table probably has me the most excited.  I keep fighting the urge to set it today!

For those of you who are prepping for Thanksgiving as well, I thought I’d gather some posts that might be helpful. First, here’s a Turkey 101 post. So much good information. I re-read it every year.

persimmons, squash, yellow apples, satsumasred berries, pomegranates, grapes

Next, here’s a post filled with ideas on How to Garnish the Turkey Platter. Gorgeous photos!

Here’s a post about Perfect Pie Crust that you’ll find invaluable.

Autumnal Arrangement for Thanksgiving. Step-by-step instructions.

And there’s also a step-by-step tutorial for putting together this Stunning Autumn Arrangement.

How are you feeling about Thanksgiving this year? Are you hosting? Or are you traveling? Did you do all your food shopping last week, or do you like to wait till Wednesday night? And what are you looking forward to most — food, family or the decorating? I’d love to hear!

P.S. — There is one big downer about this Thanksgiving — Olive and Ralph aren’t with us! Such a strange thought. Four more weeks till they get home, but it feels like forever.


Food photos by Lindsey Rose Johnson for Design Mom. Centerpiece photo by N. Underwood.