Erin will be cooking my Thanksgiving dinner this year which delights me to no end. My Thanksgiving assignment is to plan the table settings, centerpieces and seating arrangements.
We’ll have 10 adults and 8 kids to seat. So I’ve been making plans.

The first week of October is the perfect time to take inventory of your dishes, flatware and linens. Sometime between now and January 1st you will likely be hosting someone or some event and if you place orders now, you can fill in any gaps in your service with time to spare. If you wait until the week before Thanksgiving to evaluate (like I did last year) you will not be able to get the good deal on your flatware from the company that needs 6 weeks to ship.

I already know I will need to add a few pieces to my pewter.
My flatware is probably okay.
Stemware? No idea what I currently have. . .