Have you ever tried a product subscription? You know, like a fruit of the month club? I love them! It always feels like such a treat to find a little package in the mail. And every month, I seem to forget it’s coming, so it’s an unexpected surprise sitting there among the junk mail. They make fantastic gifts too. Sign your Mom up for a pie of the month club and she’ll remember that you remembered her all year long. : )

During June, Tattly is offering 6-month tattoo subscriptions and I thought they would make a super cool summer surprise for kids! Subscribers receive 56 tattoos over six months — that’s plenty to share with friends — plus a cool little “Oh, Hello” canvas bag to keep them in.

I adore Tattly! They make temporary tattoos created by amazing artists & designers (like Louise Fili, one of my very favorite typographers in the world).

What about you? Have you ever signed up for a product subscription? How did you like it? If you could receive anything by subscription, what would it be?

P.S. — I’m also a member of Darlybird’s earring of the month club. It’s a fun one! Rachel, the shop owner, includes a sweet little letter to subscribers with every pair of earrings.