Went to a tag sale with Kathryn C today. Found this amazing vintage foil wrapping paper. There was a huge roll of red, a huge roll of turquoise and a double-huge roll of gold. The white pattern is raised and felted so the paper feels really soft when you touch it.

I’m so excited. I think I’ll use this as the basis for this year’s Christmas decorations. Best part: total cost was $5 — and they threw in this funky bucket I wanted.

Things I left behind and am questioning: glass/silver cake platter and really interesting dresser for a child’s room, very retro, very chic. Both were priced to sell. Will someone please remind me that I don’t need another cake platter or dresser?

EDIT: If anyone out there wants some of the gold (not pictured), drop by and I’ll roll out a bunch of yardage for you. I have way more than I can use.