Last Friday I spent half the day hitting tag sales and antique shops with my knows-how-to-spot-a-find, dear friend, Kathryn Carmona. From the first month we moved here, 8 years ago, Kathryn has been my go to source for the best tag sales, estate sales and garage sales in the area. She has an eye for great pieces, and keeps a running inventory in her head of any particular items her friends are looking for. If she spots something she knows you’ll love, she’ll pick it up on your behalf. I’m not sure how I furnished my house before knowing Kathryn and I wanted to make sure I got one more day of exploring with her before the big move.

As luck would have it, we started in Bronxville at an estate sale, and friends, this was the mother of all estate sales. A total score. We couldn’t believe all the great stuff. I wasn’t actually shopping (there’s nothing like packing up your belongings to make you want to own absolutely nothing), but I did pick up the beautiful blue bottle pictured. How could I pass it up? It was big and tall. It had a B (for Blair) and it was only $4.

I took a lots of photos of our adventure — you can see them all on my flickr page. Thank your for a great day, Kathryn! I will miss our outings tremendously.

Do you frequent tag sales? What’s your favorite consignment shop/second hand store/antique shop?