By Gabrielle.

If you add the word surprise in front of any project, it instantly becomes joyful. Throw in the opportunity to unwrap said surprise, and it’s a sure celebration.

Surprise Balls. Nothing more than wrapping tiny gifts up, over and over and over again, until the whole endeavor looks like a happy ornament. Think of it as a more sophisticated version of Pass the Parcel. Perfect for excited little hands…not to mention low expectations for a perfectly round ball! The beautiful example above was created by Sandra Juto.

I first heard about surprise balls from my sister Jordan. She prepared one for a family dinner party and we each took turns passing the ball and unwrapping little surprises. (I still have the tiny pink porcelain pig that fell out on my lap as I unwrapped the trail of crepe paper.) Have you ever made one? Or unwrapped one?

P.S. — Here’s a detailed surprise ball DIY, and more surprise balls here.