skip face cleaning for 30 days and age 10 years

By Gabrielle. Image by Lindsey Johnson for Design Mom.

Hello from Salt Lake City! I woke up this morning in my hotel room with yesterday’s makeup still on. I wasn’t wearing much makeup yesterday, so I’m basically working with some mild raccoon eyes and a general dryness to my skin (which may also be the vastly different elevation — yesterday I was at sea level).

On most nights, I’m pretty good about cleansing my face. Nothing major, but I’ll use my Waxalene (formerly Vaseline) to take off my eye makeup, and I’ll use a cotton round and my Bioderma to wipe down the rest of my face. In the morning, I use the Clarisonic in the shower for a more thorough facial cleaning.

Last night, I skipped out because I checked into the hotel at almost 11:00 and then stayed up to do some Alt Summit work, until I simply fell asleep of exhaustion. It happens.

How about you? Do you wash your face every single night, no matter how exhausted or devil-may-care you’re feeling? It’s so easy to skip it, right? I think to myself, “I’ll do it after I read a few pages…” or “What’s the worst that can happen in eight hours when I’m not even moving around so much?”And before I know it, I’m waking up with the sun and there’s mascara on my pillowcase.

But I read that washing my face is an integral step to preventing premature aging and I was fascinated. The article mentions that skipping cleanser for 30 days ages your skin a decade – a decade! Is that for real? I’d like to say that scared me into a new face washing commitment, that it prompted me to put an alert on my phone to remind me to suds that skin I’m in every single night. But, nope. I still skip the face cleaning every now and again.

Tell me: What’s the one self-care task that seems like a chore every time you do it? It’s probably the same one that causes you the most angst when you skip it! When I don’t take the best care of myself beauty-wise (like if I forget sunscreen), I don’t usually feel much guilt. But if I don’t take care of myself in a general health-wise way — say I eat too much sugar or don’t sleep enough — I tend to self-chide. What about you?

P.S. — Speaking of lack of sleep, this week will be challenging! It’s always hard to fall asleep without Ben Blair in my bed. Last night, I slept on his side of the bed. : ) Despite the lack of sleep, I’m actually incredibly excited for this week. Have you seen the schedule and speakers for Alt Summit? It’s going to be a hugely inspiring event.