For the first time in ages, I bought a pair of jeans, and they’re not skinny-jeans. It’s been so long since I’ve added a pair non-skinny-style jeans to my closet, it feels like something I need to report on. Hah!

My two teen daughters, Maude and Olive, talked me into it. A couple weeks ago, we were all at Uniqlo and they encouraged me to try on this pair of wide-leg, high waisted jeans. I ended up buying them — it felt relatively low risk, because they’re on sale for $29! A total bargain for denim.

I wore them first to Vermont, and have basically been wearing them non-stop ever since. I can’t believe what a fresh, fun change they’ve been. And besides a decade old pair of work jeans I use for painting, they are literally the only non-skinny jeans in my closet.

Then, in further non-skinny jean adventures, I just ordered these Benson Boyfriend cut jeans (in light blue) from Mott & Bow yesterday.

These new-to-me jeans have got me thinking about denim trends, and trying to remember when it was that I started wearing only skinny jeans. Has it been 5 years? Or closer to 10 years? I’ll need to go look at old photos.

I’m also curious: are you wearing denim these days? If yes, do you have a particular style you prefer? Skinny leg, wide leg, or something in between? And how about waist preference? Are you into the high-waisted options? Who knew mom jeans would come back to say hello so soon? : )