Dansko Clogs: Stylish or Unfashionable?

The New York Times Style Magazine published an article called In Praise of an Aggressively Unfashionable Shoe. It’s all about Dansko clogs. Did you get a chance to read it? It’s a funny little article, but made me do a second take, because I don’t think Dansko clogs are unfashionable at all, and certainly not aggressively unfashionable. In fact, I feel like clogs in general are definitely having a fashion moment right now.

What’s your take? Do you like the look? Do you own a pair of clogs? Have you ever worn a pair of the classic Dansko Professional Clogs for work? When you see these clogs, does a picture of a certain woman in your life come to mind? Do you put them in the aggressively unfashionable category?

Here are a few of my top faves in the current line of Dansko Shoes:

1. The Professional Clog, according to the article you can’t go wrong here.
2. Rain Boot Clog! Perfect for all the rain right now.
3. A fun splash of color for spring, I love a surprise color on your feet.
4. Classic boot, never a bad idea.
5. I favor a larger heel that has a comfort promise attached to it. This looks like a great Spring/Fall staple.
6. Classic summer sandal, I’m sure would go with everything.
7. I’m in love with these metallic colors. I can see wearing them with jeans all summer.

Want more Dansko sources? Find collections at Nordstrom, Zappos, and Amazon.

P.S. — Another from the Style Watch series.


Credits: Shopping sources and graphic design by Audrey Moore.