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It’s Thursday. I like Thursdays. And I’ve got a Giveaway today that only makes me like Thursdays more. Today’s winner will walk away with A GIFTSET OF MAGNETIC CARDS AND A GIFTSET OF INFRAMED CARDS FROM STÜSH LABS!!! These are some rockin’ cards. Check it out.

It’s like Choose-Your-Own-Adventure in cards. The winner will pick any mix of icons for the Magnetic cards to go in the giftset of 6. AND. The winner will will also pick any mix of designs for the Inframed cards to go in the tin-boxed giftset of 5.

The Magnetic cards have a peel off magnet that you can keep around long after the card has hit the dust. And the Inframed cards are designed to be 100% recyclable and 100% useable — even acting as their own easel.

If I were the winner, it would take me a couple of hours at least to pick which 6 images I would want for the Magnetic cards and which 5 designs I would want for the Inframed cards. A couple of hours that I would very much enjoy. Check out this sampling — that’s right, this is only a sampling — there are tons more icon/design choices:

While you’re on their site, you can also check out some of the other super-hip products from Stüsh Labs

Loving the idea of the Mul3 (pronounced Mule Cubed). Sit on it. Store magazines in the slot. So fun to have several of these in one room to endlessly reconfigure. Totally handmade.

Stylish storage for random items in the Lump and Bump. The big one fits magazines. The small one is perfect for remotes, keys, or other miscellany. They look cool on the floor, on the table, even mounted to the wall.

I have loved discovering/being introduced to studios like Stüsh. It’s great to see what can be created when the idea doesn’t have to filtered through a committee. Great stuff. All very giftable.

Thank you, Stüsh!

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The winner of the
12/13 Happy Owl Glassworks Giveaway is:
Jannell who commented: “I’m freaaaking out about how adorable these are and have just hit the jackpot for a store where I can buy my best friend and my mom their Xmas presents!!! YAY! ” (at 10:25am EST).
Congratulations Jannell! Please email me your shipping address by using the email link on my blog.