What a great weekend! There are deep red mums and bright orange pumpkins on the front porch. Plus, we spent a perfect afternoon picking apples at Stuart’s Farm. We found a nice shady spot, spread out a blanket and enjoyed a picnic in the middle of the orchard while the kids filled our bags with apples.

When the bags were full, we walked through the orchard till we found an open space then picked up a stick and had an impromptu batting practice with the windfall apples.

This was our first visit to Stuart’s and I loved it. It’s a low-key, small, family owned orchard — no Halloween carnival on the side. Just a beautiful farm with shortish trees that were easy for the kids to gather from.

The best part: We were with dear friends, Katherine and Peter and their charming kids William and Elizabeth. And new friends, Karl (who loves Peter Lugers and was therefore an instant favorite of Ben’s) and Martine (who is a textile designer from France and therefore an instant favorite of mine) and their beautiful daughters Mirabelle and Anais.

There’s a chill in the air this morning and it feels like fall!