I woke up to the news about Steve Jobs and was surprised at how sad I felt. I didn’t realize I would be weepy. We discussed his death this morning at breakfast and our kids could immediately see the impact he’s had on our lives. Every member of our family uses Apple products every single day without exception. He’s made our lives better and more beautiful.

My Dad bought our first Apple computer when I was in high school so he could try his hand at “desktop publishing”. He used it to start a newspaper for senior citizens because our town was a popular retirement spot. Seeing the sort of work my parents could create from home, thanks to Apple, had a direct impact on the career I would choose. I’ve never owned a computer from anyone but Apple.

I feel sober; saddened that the world has lost a creative genius. I’m also pondering death and the fact that no amount of success, smarts, or wealth will prevent it. I know this already, but Steve Jobs’ death brings it home. If anyone could have figured out how to live a thousand years, I would have guessed it was Steve.

Can you believe how young he is in this photo? I wonder if he knew he was going to change the world.

How about you? How was your life impacted by Steve Jobs?