By Gabrielle.

Friends, I’m so pleased to tell you about this campaign! Earlier this month, the folks at Stella McCartney Kids asked if I’d participate in their Twelve Days of Gifting + Giving series. Four bloggers will each share 3 gift ideas — something for baby, something for girls, and something for boys. I’ll be kicking off the 12-day series with my picks today, tomorrow and on Saturday too! And the 4th blogger will finish up on the 24th.

The gift picks are the Gifting part of the series, and I’m also over-the-moon delighted with the Giving part of the series. Stella McCartney Kids will be sending hundreds of children’s clothing items to the charity of my choice! When I sat down to think about a group of children who might benefit from an influx of clothes, the smiling faces of the children I met at the Mary Joy Organization on my first day in Ethiopia immediately came to mind. I’m so pleased about the program, so pleased to imagine the children opening box after box of handsome new clothes to wear!

My first gift pick: The fantastic Jonnie Fitz Jacket. The yellow would be so cheerful — even on the gloomiest winter days. And you’d be able to spot your son in any crowd! : ) Isn’t it great-looking?

I know so many of you are both gifting + giving to celebrate the season. I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

P.S. — Follow the series on Stella McCartney Kids Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so you can see all 12 gift picks!