Little Boy Style 1:
I’m the mother of four (soon to be five) boys. You may have the same reaction as many: “Time to stop trying for that girl!” But the truth is, I love boys. In fact, if I were given the choice, I’d likely choose to have all boys. Some people tell me boys are easier. I’ll probably never know.

I’ve had many mothers say they feel bad for me because I don’t get to dress a girl. I think girl clothes are fabulous and I get a kick out of buying them for relatives and friends. But truth be told, I love boy clothes. I’m secretly happy that my 7-year-old can’t be bothered to pick out his outfits because that means I get to! From shorts and t-shirts and flip-flops in the summer to sweaters and jeans and sneakers in the winter — it’s all good.

A few weeks ago, I discovered a little children’s clothing boutique here in Wichita and spent far too much on an outfit for one of my boys from a line called Tea — Little Citizens of the World. Their stuff is awesome. I was smitten by this orange Nepali sweater for my 21-month-old. I found a soft teal oxford to go underneath and some dark khaki trousers for the bottoms.

I love these grays for winter.

And I could definitely see myself bringing my new one home from the hospital in this one.

Check out their other great stuff (including girl stuff) here. Most of it’s pricey, but still fun to drool over.