By Raleigh-Elizabeth.

Between you and me, I like to keep my brand choices to myself. I’m always pleased when I can snag a great deal at Target or find a super steal on the sales rack of a fancy department store, but I never buy a t-shirt that tells you exactly where I got it. There’s something about spending forty dollars to be a walking advertisement for a store in the mall that feels wrong to me.

But some statement tees make me happy. More than ever, I’m loving my I Heart NY shirt, although a t-shirt can’t begin to adequately profess my affection for or solidarity with that city. I’ll even admit to owning an almost-hipster pop cultural reference tee: it says Ice Ice Baby with two bags of ice and a picture of a baby, and I’m convinced that it makes me the coolest cat at the gym whenever I wear it. (We can all admit that even the way I phrased that precludes me from being the coolest cat anywhere.)

Are you as brand averse as I am? Or do you have a statement tee that you love and wear and will never give up, hoping someone will notice, smile, and realize instantly how absolutely awesome you are?

I Love New York as art.