I’m betting you’ve noticed all the statement sunglasses this year. Quirky, playful options are everywhere, and I admit, I’m delighted about the trend. Warm-weather dressing doesn’t always inspire me (I prefer the layers of fall and winter), but I can totally get behind a fabulous pair of sunglasses. They can add a big dose of style to any outfit, and they’re a universal accessory — everyone looks good in sunglasses.

Interpretations of the classic cat eye, aviators, and oversize options are what I’m noticing the most. I especially love all the colored acetate in interesting shapes. To help you find the perfect pair, I’ve gathered top picks in three categories: Under $100, Discount Designer & Designer — click the photo of any pair to go directly to their source.

But before we jump in, I’m curious about your take on sunglasses. When my kids were younger, I always opted for an inexpensive pair because I knew they would get played with and eventually broken by little hands, and I didn’t want to stress about them or have another reason to say, “No! Don’t touch!” I would go through several pairs a year — options in the $20 or less range.

But as my kids have grown, I now favor investing in a couple of high quality options that I know will last for a long time. I also think sunglasses are a smart way to add a luxe item to your wardrobe when a new pricey handbag or pair of shoes just isn’t in the budget — it allows you to have a piece of a brand or designer you covet without necessarily breaking the bank.

What about you? Do you like having a collection of sunglasses to choose from? Perhaps you prefer an inexpensive pair that you can throw in your bag and not worry about damaging? Or do you splurge and go Designer for this fabulous accessory?

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Great options if you want more variety in your accessories, and want to embrace a trendier style knowing they may not be as fashionable next year.

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Thank you Nordstrom Rack for having so many designer options! I favor this route because it’s gentle on my budget but I can enjoy a high-quality item I know will last. These Tory Burch glasses are also good looking.

Links:  OneTwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEight

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So super beautiful and would stay current in a collection for many years. I also love this Dior pair and this Gucci pair.



Credits: Shopping assistance and graphic design by Audrey Moore.