For my birthday, my friend Caroline gave me such a fun gift! It’s a cookie stamp that says: Petits Sables de Paris (little cookies from Paris) and it came with a mini book of cookie recipes too.

From what we can tell, French cookies are almost always stamped, so we think this makes such a charming souvenir of our time here! The very existence of this stamp makes me want to host a French-themed birthday party or shower — just so I can serve stamped short-bread cookies. : )

And speaking of stamped cookies, if you get a chance to visit a French grocery store, I highly recommend Le Petit Normand cookies. The packaging looks distinctly French (even the colors of the boxes!), they’re made right here in our region, and the ingredients are all local to Normandy too. Yum!

P.S. — I couldn’t find it on a U.S. site, but the cookie stamp is available from Amazon.UK here.