We’re so excited. We have these friends, Christopher and Lisa Clark. You may know Lisa from her fantastic week here as the original Guest Mom, and also as the sister of Maroon 5’s awesome guitarist. And you may know Christopher from his excellent blog, The Jolly Porter, and because he’s the brother of well-known bloggers Nie Nie and cJane, and because he grew up a block away from my husband.

Well. Chris and Lisa are talented in dozens of various ways, and they happen to star in a movie called Stalking Santa. The same Stalking Santa that will be featured at the Angelika Theater, right here in New York, on Thursday, November 8th.

Christopher will be flying out to the big premiere and we can’t wait to see him. And we can’t wait to see Stalking Santa. And the best part is: YOU’RE INVITED TOO! In fact, you can bring your friends, you can bring the whole family — it’s going to be fantastic. Halloween will be a fond memory by that time and you’ll be so ready to get stoked for the Holidays. A movie like Stalking Santa will do the trick.

Extra special bonus: the showing is free dollars and thirty free cents. Yep. It’s a FREE movie, so no excuses. Put it on your calendars right away. Tell your friends.

Come to the Angelika Film Center, 18 West Houston St. (@ Mercer St.), New York, NY 10012, on Thursday, November 8th at 7:00 PM. I’ll be there. My husband will be there. And if you say hello, I’ll even try to introduce you to Mr. Christopher Clark himself.

UPDATE: I just heard from the Stalking Santa people. They mentioned that you can print out tickets here.