And now I can die happy. I just discovered Spoonflower. A website where you can design and print your own textiles. The brilliant parts: No minimum order. $18 per yard. Printed on quality quilting-weight cotton from Moda. And fast turnaround — I’ve heard less than two weeks is not unusual.

In theory, I could develop a line of textiles (which I’ve been dreaming of doing for over a decade) for a startup cost of hundreds instead of thousands of dollars.

To see some of the wonderful textiles that have been created via Spoonflower, take a spin through their flickr stream. The design pictured above is called Bloom In Red, by Rachel of Balanced Crafts. Which reminds me, don’t miss the Spoonflower blog — you can place your votes for “fabric of the week.”

Thank you very much for the link, Laurie. I’m off to daydream about fabrics for the rest of the day.