I just landed in Prague and can’t wait to figure out our tourist schedule — based on your fabulous recommendations, of course. (Thank you for all the great ideas!)

We wrapped up the Paris part of our trip this afternoon and if you’d like to see/hear more about it, I put all the Instagram stories from the trip into a “Paris” highlight — and you don’t have to be in Instagram to see it.

I really loved being in Paris, and late last night, I was thinking about how the Eiffel Tower didn’t used to sparkle. But then someone thought it up.

And after that they convinced dozens of whatever people were in charge, that a Sparkling Eiffel Tower was a good idea. I’ll bet a whole lot of people said no from the get-go and had to be patiently talked into it.

And eventually the sparkle lights were added for the millennium celebration — no doubt in conjunction with tremendous amounts of time, work, and resources.

And now, each night after dark, every hour on the hour, thousands of people get to experience a really good bit of magic.

I’m so glad there are people who think up things like Sparkling Eiffel Towers.


I shared this thought on Instagram and people responded with the most interesting tidbits and memories. I included some of them as part of the Paris highlight. I also loved this comment on the Instagram post:

@mme_mammola wrote: It’s one reason why I love the French culture so much. As the Little Prince says, “it’s useful because it’s pretty”. I feel like that is a uniquely French perspective that is lost on us sometimes.

What are your thoughts? Is there something beautiful and wonderful out there, that came from someone’s brain, that you take great joy from? Do you know anyone in real life that would think up something magical like Sparkling Eiffel Towers? I’d love to hear.