By Raleigh-Elizabeth.

Have you seen the #sorryfeminist hashtag? It started when the editor of T magazine tweeted that she had seen “the sexy (sorry, feminists), smart, sassy Katie Roiphe live on stage @nypl on Wednesday night.” Most tweets about writers and the New York Public Library don’t start memes, but #sorryfeminists did. From clever to cute, the conversation ran the gauntlet. Can you be sexy, smart, sassy, and also a feminist?

My favorite tweet: “I cried during the Notebook. #sorryfeminists.”

Are you a feminist? I am. At least, I think I am. I may have cried during the Notebook, but I’m also a strong, independent woman. I’m a military wife who battens down the hatches for deployments and can change her own tires. I make a killer apple pie and consider cookbooks bedtime reading. I went to a women’s college and I watched Dawson’s Creek every Tuesday night. I have absolutely no idea what that makes me. #sorryfeminists?

Remember when feminists used to be braless, angry fighters? What do you think it means to be a feminist today? (And what decidedly un-feminist characteristics do you wholeheartedly embrace?)

Hand-sewn flag by Megan Savoy.