Mighty Junior launches today. I was already a fan of Mighty Goods, so it was kind of no-brainer that I would like it’s offspring. But when I had a sneak preview a few days ago I realized that the authors (
Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl and of Melissa Summers of Suburban Bliss) and I share more similar taste than I realized. And now I’m extra-excited to have a new source for good stuff. It’s like getting two more sisters.

Speaking of Melissa Summers. I must tell any who are still in the dark, about the website Alpha Mom. Isabel Kallman has gathered the best of the best on her fantastic site. I go there for 3 reasons:

1) Some of the most amazing bloggers (including Ms. Summers, Amalah, Finslippy, and Dooce) write for Alpha Mom weekly.

2) Anyone can go learn from or add to the extensive product reviews. As entertaining as they are helpful.

3) There are also super useful videos on all sorts of topics. In fact, don’t miss the lovely ladies from Cool Mom Picks — that’s Liz of Mom 101 and of Kristen of Motherhood Uncensored — talking about some of their favorite finds.

Speaking of Cool Mom Picks. Have you seen their Safer Toy Guide? Very helpful. And if you’ve moved on, and you’re in the stage of parenthood where the fear of toys has been replaced by the fear-your-daughter-will-break-her-neck-on-the-uneven-bars, or beyond that to the fear-your-son-will-get-his-heart-broken-by-that-girl, you’ll still love to know what toys are kosher to give as gifts to your friends and family with wee ones.