We are moving. Across the country. The wide, vast country. And I can barely wrap my head around that fact.

When. Where. Why:
We’re moving on April 30th. Give or take a couple of days. We’re moving to Colorado. To the Denver/Boulder metro area. We’re moving because… Well frankly, it’s because New York is an expensive place to live and we need to buckle down and save some money.

Full disclosure:
I’m certain I’ll be excited at some point — Colorado is amazing and I know my family will thrive there. But right now, I’m still in the mourning/grieving stage. Despairing to leave our New York home of 8 years. We’ve had 3 babies here. Made dear friends. Grown a few businesses. Earned a PhD. Attempted to take advantage of every good thing the city has to offer…

Moving is hard. Physically. Emotionally. Even when it’s the right move, the right thing to do, it’s still hard. If you have a minute, I could use a little encouragement. A little bravery in my corner. A reminder that I’ll make new friends. That at some point, I’ll be unpacked in a pretty house. That there will be wonderful not-New-York adventures for our little family still to come.

If you have a favorite thing about Colorado, please share — because as soon as I can get past these moving blues, I’m going to want to be totally psyched to make our new home.

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