By Gabrielle. Photo by Jason Schmidt for T Magazine.

Sofia Coppola seems effortlessly cool. Timeless yet current. Serenely driven. And also, according to a recent interview, suspicious.

As she says to her interviewer and friend, Lee Radziwill, “I appreciate that you are a fellow suspicious person. I remember you saying that you are suspicious of people, which I am. It’s always nice when you become friends with someone who sees things in a similar way.”

I think I may have been born without the suspicious gene! But I’m super curious about it. For my more suspicious readers: Do you think it’s a trait from birth — we’ve all seen those babies who stare at you doubtfully from across a room, right?! — or is it a result of being surrounded by people or situations that made you so? You know… nature versus nurture. Also, is it a constant struggle for you (or your cautious kid) to trust someone? How or when do you finally let down your guard?