How about a piece of good news today? Some of you know I run a conference called Alt Summit. Something you might not know is that the Alt Summit Community is largely made up of small businesses and freelancers, and boy oh boy so many in our community are struggling right now.

Alt Summit’s biggest strengths are Community and Content, so my Alt team focused on those as we figured out a way we could help:

1. We went to the Community and asked them to tell us about their favorite presentations from Alt Summit 2020. 

2. We hired the favorite presenters to record their Alt 2020 Presentation on video.

3. And now, the video classes are online (all free!), ready to keep you occupied, learning, and inspired during stay-at-home isolation!

We’re calling this program Alt Summit 2020 (Social) Distance Learning. We launched with 8 videos earlier this week, and we’ll be adding a few more. You can watch them all for FREE on Vimeo. Here are the classes you can view right now: 

These classes are so good. I know most Design Mom Readers won’t get a chance to attend Alt Summit, and I hope these videos give you a sense of what our classes are like. Let me know if any of the topics strike your fancy.

P.S. — Will you join me for a Q&A? It’ll be something fun to distract us from… everything. Tomorrow (that’s Friday, April 3rd), The Riveter is hosting me for a live Q&A at 12PM PST. (That’s 9:00 PM in France so I might be in my PJs — just kidding of course I’ll be in my PJs because this is quarantine life.) You can RSVP here. Registration and the online Q&A event are both FREE. I’d love you to tune in and ask me lots of questions.

Speaking of questions, I was told I could choose ANY topic. What do you think I should talk about? What do you want to hear from me?