By Gabrielle.

Don’t you ever wonder how some people are able to cross everything off their to-do lists, every single day? My tasks always seem to linger awhile, and there are a few that seem to be permanent fixtures on my lists no matter how many times I rewrite them! Sigh.

On So, How Was Your Day?, Jessica Murnane compiles the daily habits of energetic creatives: what they’ve eaten, what they’ve accomplished during their awakened hours, plus a few telling tidbits to give us a peek into their likes, dislikes, and cute quirks. It’s equal parts voyeuristic and motivating, and I can’t get enough of the casual diary tone of it all.

Do you keep daily habit records like this? I think we’d all be surprised at how much we accomplish (and eat!) if we wrote it all down, don’t you?

Such a cool calendar!