Oh my goodness! I have butterflies as I type this. I’m so excited about it. And nervous too! Remember when I mentioned we had a video crew at our house a couple of weeks ago? The crew goes by Tiger In A Jar, and they are amazing! Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve been working on with them. Don’t worry, it’s short. : )

What is it? A new weekly web series called Olive Us that will launch mid-May. A series that we hope parents and kids will love! I’ll tell you more about it next week as we prep for the official “launch” (launch = show the first episode). But for now, I’m just so excited to share the trailer!

And if you watch the trailer, tell me, please: Are you intrigued? Does it appeal to you? I’d love to know! By the way, Ben Blair’s cousin, Geoff Groberg, did the fantastic music. And most of the adorable props are from Pottery Barn Kids — they’re sponsoring the first 3 episodes!

P.S. — I snapped the image above during one of the episode shoots. I call it: Tiger In A Jar In A Field.