Hello Friends! Did you have a good weekend? Ben Blair and I spent some time day-dreaming about a mini-getaway. If I still lived in New York, I would take a weekend trip to Windsor, Vermont and stay at the Snapdragon Inn. The Inn was built in 1825 and is the old family house of Maxwell Perkins — the editor of Hemingway, Floyd and Fitzgerald. Neat! And I can’t imagine a prettier time to visit. Don’t you think the NorthEast wins the prize for most spectacular Autumn?

The Snapdragon Inn is family owned and the family got in touch with me ages ago as they were just beginning their renovations. I’ve been following along on their blog ever since. I love seeing the transformation. They completely gutted, then tastefully updated, the entire building, and the blog features some great before and after shots. If you’re curious, you can start at Day 1.

If you were going to take a weekend roadtrip this fall, where would you go?