If you watch Project Runway, and you should (Wednesday nights on Bravo, check your local listings), you would be familiar with a contestant and mother of five, “Laura,” who refuses to wear sweatpants or drive a mini-van, because she’s not going down “THAT slippery slope. . .” Well, I don’t wear cocktail dresses with plunging necklines to go grocery shopping, and I own a mini van, but I can identify with what she’s talking about. It’s the phenomenon I see all the time where once polished coeds and career women sacrifice their stylish wardrobes at the alter of mommy-hood, and then wonder why they don’t feel like the same woman they once were.

Anyone whose had a had a newborn knows what it’s like to get knocked off your pedestal of self-identity, but not at least trying to get back up there is admitting defeat. I have 4 different sizes in my closet: pregnancy, post-pregnancy, regular, and skinny. I feel it’s important to feel good, like you have “something” that makes you feel good when you wear it, at any size. I also think it’s important to have “something” to wear on a date, to a meeting, out with friends, etc, a “without children,” sweater, jacket, or dress for fun.

It’s amazing what a trendy necklace or new top can do for your self-image. No, it isn’t everything, it doesn’t define who you are inside, but it can make a little difference. And anyone who is raising a small child knows that you are constantly collecting a lot of “little successes” to make it a good day.

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