Last week I spotted this great project at Room Somewhere and I’ve got the perfect piece of clothing to try it out. So smart. Just sew a contrasting fabric beneath your piece of clothing. Trace a shape and then sew along the tracing line. Then cut the shape out of the top fabric to reveal the constrast beneath.

And here’s my story: I picked up a skirt from Banana Republic a few weeks ago and during the second wearing I cleaned the kitchen with some kind of bleach product and got two bleach spots right on the front. Of course I was irritated at myself and was sad that I was going to have to let the skirt go — it’s cute and fit very well. So I was so delighted to come across this project.

The skirt is perfect for something like this especially because of 3 facts: the 2 bleach spots appeared strategically to the left, which is great, because I would rather have the design off-centered. Second, the skirt hem was designed with a deconstructed look which this kind of project lends itself to (plus I’m not good at refined sewing). Third, the material is a solid color, a khaki green, neutral enough to offset pretty much any color or pattern.

Read the enlarged instructions here.

Wish me luck!